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Coming to TECHSPO was just about the best decision I made. I just launched my own business about two years ago and the growth and increase we have seen has really been something else. About 70% of the new clients we signed up last year were people who had seen our exhibition stands at the conference. I can say that’s almost the best marketing expense I’ve written off since I started out in business.

Tory Smith

For me, I’d say the best thing about exhibiting at TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference has to be the number of leads that get funneled to you. Being in the same environment with a lot of the folks who make decisions at their organizations helped us get inroads into those organizations without having to send out cold call emails later on, so that’s a really big deal.

Keisha Adams

I’m not always one for industry events because I see it as a lot of simple talk, but coming out to TECHSPO was absolutely worth it. We were able to really engage ourselves and it was a good thing I brought my team out with me. Plus the buzz about what we do at Bolder Media was really off the charts because of our exhibition stand at the TECHSPO Hall.

Jeremy Hall

Would I be exhibiting again at TECHSPO? Definitely! We were able to pick up so much traction from our presence here last year that it would be an absolute travesty not to come back this year. Matter of fact, we are actually upping our category because we are looking at pulling off something massive for this year’s conference, so watch out for that.

Sandra Beets

I’ve been a regular attendee at TECHSPO Conferences over the last two years at different cities around the world, and I can say the experience is always different, every single time. There’s nothing like being in the company of other people who make stuff happen in their organizations and networking with them. You get to see and hear what other folks do that works and you get to share your own thoughts and ideas too, which is great, by the way.

I strongly recommend TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conferences. It is one of the very few events that focus on innovating and bringing fresh concepts to what we do in Digital Marketing. And the opportunities for greater brand awareness are simply unlimited when you get to exhibit your own ideas and products in front of these people. That’s probably the major highlight of exhibiting for me.

Harry Brier

We have been exhibiting at TECHSPO events for about 3 years and almost 2 dozen events. Exhibiting at every conference that we have participated in has always brought opportunities to network with clients and other business leaders that invariably always results in sales for us. We’ve come to recognize that our presence here at every conference is a great tool for visibility, growth and expanding our brand, and we always pursue that with all we have.

Joe Campos

Imagine putting out your brand over a two-day period in front of an audience of hundreds of influential people who make the decisions in your industry. That is really the most cost effective strategy for increased brand exposure that we know. My first thought after seeing the results from our first exhibition was, ‘why were we not doing this all along? It obviously works!’

Lee Anton

Exhibiting at TECHSPO was a really brilliant experience for our team. The feedback from all the visitors we had at our exhibition stands was very positive and enthusiastic. It was a great pleasure speaking with and interacting with them and we absolutely enjoyed presenting at TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference last year.

Jerry Spinall

TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conferences was definitely one of the best organized events we have exhibited in. The halls were impressively very full and the footfall was incredible. We were able to meet new people and bag new clients from all over the country, which is the ultimate aim. Overall I would say this was a remarkable time for us and we hope to make a return next year.

Neville Jones

TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference is the single best place to rub minds with the best minds in the digital marketing world, meet new people, see solid tech and products and to learn about what’s changing in our world today. Getting to put our brand out there for all these people to see was nothing short of a windfall for us.

Jill Danber

Exhibiting at the TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference is an absolute must for any brand that wants to expand their message and get direct contact with their customers. The small investment in exhibiting pales into insignificance when compared to the coverage and exposure that we have seen in the aftermath of our exhibition. While at the show, we were able to raise a significant amount of revenue simply from signing up new clients on our promotional offers.

Lee Granger

This was a totally fantastic event for me and the team. We met some great people and the topics and questions from the audience was quite interesting and engaging. Coming to this TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference was a great way to get involved in the biggest event for players in the digital marketing and tech sector.

Kurt Vans

Our stand has been really busy and the thought leadership session we held was totally jam packed. TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference is always a pleasure to attend and this year was no different. We had the opportunity to meet with new leads and new customers, and get our latest services across to the people that were willing to buy them. It was a really successful event for us.

Jane Mitchell

TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference was definitely bigger and better than ever before which is all credit to the TECHSPO Team. Our stand was busier than ever with all the foot traffic that came through for us. We spoke to averagely about 43% more people at this conference than any other conference we have exhibited in this year, and we have been able to convert a great deal of that number. If you are in a business targeting growth then you have to be at the next TECHSPO event happening around you.

Luis David

TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference is a very well organized and targeted event for players in the Digital Marketing World. 2022 was our first event and the launch of our service. We were blown away by the number of people who called in to see what we had to offer and had really great things to say to us. We can’t wait until next year when we will be back with an even bigger stand.

Tim Collins

I was very impressed with both the organization and level of attendance at TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference here in New York. We had a large number of visitors and guests who were keen to examine our products and the software we recently launched. Add to the fact that many of our existing customers called in as well. Exhibiting here was definitely a good investment and I’m pretty sure we will see lasting returns throughout the year.

David Steele

TECHSPO events bring together all that is great about a marketing conference – interaction, organization, location and facilitation. And getting to showcase what we do under that environment is something that has been really beneficial to our company. Last year was really our first time actually exhibiting at the conference, even though we have been repeat attendees previously. But looking at the traction and speed that brought to us cemented our decision to always exhibit at future conferences too.

Janice Baker


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